Equipment and plant design

Solution-focused design and product development services

Industrial equipment and plant design is an integral part of Fennocon Oy’s entrepreneurial operations. We design sustainable solutions for the customer’s needs and problems, and we refine the customer’s existing plans even further. Along the years, we have implemented contracts in water purification technology, exhaust gas processing and cleaning technology as well as environmental technology.

Equipment and plant design is implemented in close cooperation with the customer, in which case the design work supports the customer’s project as whole and meets the customer’s needs down to the smallest details. Our personnel has years of wide-ranging experience in equipment and plant design, and the versatile software in the field (e.g. Inventor 3D CAD) provide our company with the ability to offer comprehensive design services even for demanding projects.

Product development

Many of our contracts belong within product development, where we have developed separate equipment or parts of the production process based on the customer’s idea.

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